The Structure of the Chumash 01 – Chazon Ish introduction

This is the first of a new series entitled “The Structure of the Chumash in the Eyes of Chazal”. In it, Rabbi Triebitz will explore and try to understand how Chazal viewed the Chumash.

He begins with the Chazon Ish, Orech Chaim 125.

Apparently the Chazon Ish wrote this piece in response to questions from a talmid of his – Tzvi Aryeh Yehuda.

You will also want to look at Ramban 20:15to understand this shiur.

These shiurim are free of charge. Please enjoy them. At the moment nobody is sponsoring the shiurim, and Rabbi Triebitz is giving of his time voluntarily. If anyone would like to have a share in the merit of these shiurim (and is in a financial position to be able to do so) we would welcome any donations. There are no overheads, so any money will go to Rabbi Triebitz. We can also give American charity tax receipts if you want. Otherwise there is a ‘donate’ button on the side of the page.
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Video of shiur 01

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Structure of Torah 01
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Structure of Torah 01

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Structure of Torah 01

One thought on “The Structure of the Chumash 01 – Chazon Ish introduction

  1. A. Perlow

    First of all, I love this website and I am truly indebted to you for its creation. Glad to have people dealing with issues at the heart of what it means to be a believing Jew. I had a few questions which were unclear to me during the shiur:

    1 – at 40 minutes, it is explained that the bris between hashem and bnei was broken with the breaking of the luchos. But why should the bris be broken once the luchos are broken? Even if the bris were broken, why should the conditions of the bris have to be repeated with its re-establishment. Where do we see precedent for this idea that without the luchos the bris is broken. Also, because the laws except for eser hadibros were all oral for the time being until they were written down in the ohel moed (according to this shita of ramban), what reason is there for having to review all the laws once again during those 40 days?

    2 – Philosophical question, I suppose that is unrelated to the shiur’s attempt to give over the facts. At 45 minutes it is said that moshe was given all the mitzvos and then told not to give them over until later in the midbar. But if that were the case, why should he keep them to himself? Never does chumash mention this happening explicitly although a careful reading (as R. akiva performs) might be forced to imply this.

    3 – why is R Akiva’s shita how we hold? Reb yishmoel seems to be much simpler.

    Thanks for everything once again. Looking forward to anyone’s response


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