The Structure of the Chumash 02 – Reason for Repetition

In this shiur Rabbi Triebitz claims that the structure of the chumash in the eyes of chazal seems to parallel the structure of the development of the Oral Law. In his letter (p.22) Rav Sherira Gaon writes that before the destruction of the temple everything was transmitted orally from teacher to student.
Before Hillel and Shammai there was an Oral Torah but no text.
Chazon Ish says that the Shechina was speaking through Moshe’s mouth. The Gemara in Megilla (31b) says that the curses in Devarim were said by Moshe, whereas the curses in Vayikra were said by G-d.
Ramban on Devarim 5:5 discusses whether Devarim was actually said by Moshe or by G-d.
Rabbi Triebitz wants to bring support for the Chazon Ish from the Gemara in Berachos 20b which says that women are obligated in zachor because they are obligated in shamor.
We see from this that shamor is the real meaning of zachor.
This can be compared to the Gemara which understands that pri etz hadar is the etrog. This is the meaning, not a drash.
The Gemara in Berachos 5a. says that Moshe was given mishneh and gemara…. It is hard to accept this literally (and certainly Rambam does not accept it literally). Rather, Rabbi Triebitz learns that this teaches us that the hints, links and clues which form the basis of Torah she-baal peh were said to Moshe as part of the Torah. This seems to be a support for chazon ish. moshe was given the methodology for the Torah she-baal peh.
Rabbi Triebitz concludes with a preview of next week’s shiur, that Rabbi Akiva is defining his own role in Torah when he claims that the general principles and the details were said at Sinai.

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