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Negative Theology 5

Ontology and Ethics
Natural Philosophy and Revelation

Rabbi Triebitz analyzes Section I Chapter 54 of Moreh Nevuchim. Rabbi Triebitz discusses the argument between academics (e.g. Marvin Fox vs. Hermann Cohen) about whether Rambam holds like Plato that ethics can be derived from the ontology of the world or whether he holds like Aristotle that they cannot. Rabbi Triebitz brings evidence for both sides of the argument, and finds a resolution.

In this shiur Rabbi Triebitz also explains why negative theology is essential for Rambam’s understanding of ethics.

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Negative Theology 5

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Negative Theology 5

Rabbi Triebitz also references two other places in Moreh Nevuchim:

Section I Chapter 54 and

Section III Chapter 54

History & Development of Talmud 4

History & Development of Talmud shiur 4
Rav Sherira Gaon

Rabbi Triebitz analyzes the letter of Rav Sherira Gaon and explains who he understands the role and function of mesorah and the creation of the Talmud.

You can download a pdf version of this famous letter from Daat

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History and Development of the Talmud 4
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History and Development of the Talmud 04
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