13 Ikkarim 07 – Prayer

This shiur from Rabbi Triebitz deals with the 5th principle of Rambam – service of G-d. Rabbi Triebitz asks why this Principle comes here, and not immediately after the Principles which deal with the nature of G-d. He explains that prayer is dependent on both G-d’s free will and human free will, which is the main point of the previous principle.

He also shows the dual nature of worship for Rambam, and the distinction between directing prayer to G-d, and meditation on the thoughts of G-d, through prophecy and liturgy.

Some of the sources for the shiur are:

Moreh Nevuchim I:52 (or in English)
Moreh Nevuchim I:59 (or in English)
Moreh Nevuchim II:36 (or in English)
Moreh Nevuchim II:12 (or in English)
Moreh Nevuchim III:51 (or in English)
and the second Shaar of Nefesh haChaim (Mainly 2:2 and 2:4)

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[flv:/13-Ikarim/13-Ikarim_07.flv 240 180]
Video of shiur 07

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Thirteen Ikarim 07
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Thirteen Ikarim 07

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