13 Ikkarim 06 – Creation ex Nihilo

This shiur in the 13 Ikarim focusses on the controversey concerning the Rambam’s position on creation ex nihilo. Rabbi Triebitz looks at chapters 13, 25, and 30 of section 2, and chapter 25 of section 3.

Rabbi Triebitz also looks at Rambam’s introduction to the Guide where he speaks about the usage of contradictions.

He explains Rambam’s true understanding and belief of creation, and shows that both the eternity of the universe and creation ex-nihilo are essential beliefs for Rambam’s concept of G-d. Eternity allows for laws of nature and ethics, and creation ex-nihilo allows for free will for both G-d and man.

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Video of shiur 06

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Thirteen Ikarim 06
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Thirteen Ikarim 06

One thought on “13 Ikkarim 06 – Creation ex Nihilo

  1. Yakov

    This is a great series! I’m really enjoying it so far, it’s very informative and attacks some of the major issues about Judaism’s beliefs.


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