13 Ikkarim 08 – Prophecy

This shiur discusses the 6th principle of the 13 Ikarim – prophecy. Rabbi Triebitz asks (and answers) several questions on this principle:

Why does Rambam include this as a separate principle, when it is basically included within the 7th principle – prophecy of Moshe Rabbeinu

Why is prophecy described by Rambam as the sum total of all wisdom?

Why does Rambam not mention here the Torah view of prophecy, making it sound instead more like the philosophers’ view of prophecy?

Is prophecy still possible today?

These and more are answered in this excellent shiur. Some of the sources for the shiur:

Moreh Nevuchim II:32 (and in English)
Moreh Nevuchim II:26 (and in English)
Moreh Nevuchim II:12 (and in English)
Moreh Nevuchim II:39 (and in English)
Bava Basra 12a (and in English)
Yesodei HaTorah chapter 7 (and in English)

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[flv:/13-Ikarim/13-Ikarim_08.flv 240 180]
Video of shiur 08

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Thirteen Ikarim 08
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Thirteen Ikarim 08

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