Sources of Halacha 17 – Safek Berachos

Rabbi Triebitz continues with Berachos 12a and the topic of safek berachos lehakel.

If someone thinks they have a cup of wine in their hand, but it turns out to be mead, do they have to make another beracha over it or not.

Tosefos there brings an interesting opinion of the R”I that there are some times when we say safek berachos lehachmir. This also seems to be the view of the Maharsha (on the spot) and perhaps also the opinion of the Avi Ozri (cited by Rabbi Akiva Eiger on the page).

Rabbi Triebitz explains that there are two different kinds of safek, one which of which we act leniently in cases of doubt, and the other stringently.

He brings the gemara in Pesachim 102 and the Maharsha there. Also the sugya in Bava Metzia which talks about the takana of hashavas gezeila.

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Sources of Halacha 17
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Source of Halacha 17

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