Sources of Halacha 16 – Blessings of Torah, Sukkah and Tefillin

This shiur is a continuation of the previous one. Rabbi Triebitz goes through Tosefos (Berachos 11b “she-kvar niftar“) carefully, and examines their comparison of the blessings of Torah and the blessings of Sukkah.

It seems that in both cases (and in the case of Tefillin) there was an original, Tannaic, view that the blessing was only required once a day. This was followed by an Amoraic opinion that required a blessing every time a person does the mitzvah. And finally the Rishonim seem to bring the mitzvah back to a modified version of the original mitzvah, limiting it to once (or a few times) a day.

Some of the sources cited in this shiur:
Berachos 11b (and Tosefos there)
Tur Orech Chaim 639
Shulchan Aruch Orech Chaim 639:8
Sukkah 45b
Tosefefta Berachos 6:15
Shulchan Aruch Orech Chaim 25:12
Rambam Hilchos Tefillah 7:10-11

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Video of shiur 16

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Sources of Halacha 16
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Source of Halacha 16

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