13 Ikkarim 14 – Rabbinic Mitzvot

This shiur is not ‘Purim Torah’ but is relevant to Purim, so if you are still sober it is worth listening to it today!

In this shiur Rabbi Triebitz discusses Rambam’s 9th principle – that the Torah of Moshe may not be added to or subtracted from by the prophets. He then points out apparent contradictions from the Introduction to the Commentary on the Mishna, the Introduction to Mishne Torah, and the Laws of Megillah.

It seems that there are many laws which have been added to Judaism by the prophets in apparent contradiction to Rambam’s principle. Rabbi Triebitz gives two explations – the safe one (which is good) and the dangerous one (which is cutting edge).

Some sources:

Yesodei HaTorah chapter 8

Yesodei HaTorah chapter 9

Mitzvos Lo Taaseh (look at the very end)

Hilchot Megillah chapter 1

Gemara Megillah 2a

Gemara Megillah 17b

Moreh Nevuchim I:59

Gemara Megillah 7a

Gemara Shabbat 88a

Meiri introduction to Avot (This is a very hard to read copy – if anyone can find me a better link and/or a page number I’ll update this link. Thanks)

Mabit – Beit Elokim (I’m too tired to find the page – if anyone feels like sending me the link to the actual page I will update the webpage link)

Gemara Temurah 16a

Hilchot Sukkah 7:22

Gemara Sukkah 42b

Hilchot Mamrim 1

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Thirteen Ikarim 14
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Thirteen Ikarim 14

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