13 Ikkarim 13 – What did they hear?

This shiur is dedicated to the Fogel family who were murdered tonight in Itamar by Palestinian terrorists. May their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life.

In this shiur Rabbi Triebitz proposes a radical new solution to a classic problem (which has been bothering him for many years). In Moreh Nevuchim II:33 Rambam clearly states that at Mount Sinai the Children of Yisrael heard only a sound, but did not hear any of the words of G-d. Moshe reported to them what G-d had told him. Yet in Yesodei HaTorah 8:2 (in Mishne Torah) Rambam writes that the people heard G-d say “Moshe, Moshe, go and tell them such and such…”

Rabbi Triebitz bases his answer on the different girsa’ot of the Gemara in Bava Batra 15a regarding the last 8 verses of the Torah.

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Video of shiur 13

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Thirteen Ikarim 13
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Thirteen Ikarim 13

PS If you want to know where Rabbi Triebitz was last week, you can see a picture of him on Yeshiva World News.

One thought on “13 Ikkarim 13 – What did they hear?

  1. USA talmid

    You should not play into their propaganda machine by referring to the arabs as “palestinians” when really there is no such people.

    Looking forward to the shiur.


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