Leshem Shiur 03

Four Edifices

Rabbi Triebitz continues with chapters 7 and 8 of the first section of the Leshem. He concludes building the four foundations of the Leshem’s philosophy which he began last week.

The four are:
1. everything is revelation/creation. We can’t talk about G-d at all
2. there is no metaphor or nimshal. the revelation is irreducible
3. man connects with G-d’s Will in Atizilus when learning Torah
4. through uniting with G-d’s Will man brings about the perfection of the world.

Next week we will begin with Shaar Beis (IY”H)

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[flv:/leshem/leshem_03.flv 240 180]
Video of shiur 03

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Leshem Hakdamos u-Shearim 03
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Leshem Hakdamos u-Shearim 03

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