Taamei HaMitzvos 04

Rambam vs. Ramban

For many people the main knowledge of Moreh Nevuchim is when the Ramban on Chumash quotes him. The discussion of Taamei HaMitzvos is in Ramban’s commentary on Devarim 22:6 (p. 448-9 in the Chavel edition). Common wisdom has it that they disagree about whether or not there are reasons for the mitzvot.

Rabbi Triebitz learns the correct understanding in the argument between Rambam and Ramban. Rabbi Triebitz shows why this is clearly a false understanding, and goes on to explain the real point of machlokes between them.

It turns out that their real argument is the limits of negative theology, and whether mitzvot are acts of G-d, or creations of G-d.

Rabbi Triebitz then continues with section III; chapter 27 in Moreh Nevuchim.

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Taamei HaMitzvos 04
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Taamei HaMitzvos 04

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