Thirteen Midos 10 – Four Paradigm Shifts

There were several changes in paradigm, from deriving halachot from the text, to embedding halacha within the text, and back again. Rabbi Triebitz suggests that it was with Rabbi Akiva whose teachings form the basis of the mishna, tosefta, sifri and sifra.

In fact this was the third paradigm shift – Hillel and Bnei Beseira; Rabbi Yishmael; Rabbi Akiva. Then Rabbi Akiva’s students froze this process when they compiled the texts of the Oral Torah. After Rebbi Yehuda HaNassi the paradigm shifts again and sources for halacha are found in baraisas and mishnayos, rather than in text.

This is the final shiur in this series, but tune in next week for the first in an exciting new series “Gemara aliba de-hilcheta” (Learning the halacha (and process of halacha) from the Talmud).

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Thirteen Midos 10
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Thirteen Midos 10

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