The Oral Tradition of the Written Law 08 – Yom Kippur

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Rabbi Triebitz now turns to the verses in the Torah which describe the service of the Cohen Gadol on Yom Kippur. He begins by looking at Parshat Acharei Mot (Vayikra chapter 16).

Chazal tell us that verse 23 is out of order. Furthermore, why does the Torah not mention that this should occur on Yom Kippur until the very end (verse 29)?

Chochmat Adam (at the end of Hilchot Aveilut) cites an answer from the Vilna Gaon explaining the unusual order of verses, and the use of Aharon instead of Cohen.

Rabbi Triebitz explains this answer, then challenges it from a verse in Parshat Tetzaveh. And finds a resolution. Next week he will explain his alternative answer to the Vilna Gaon on the verses in Acharei Mot.

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