Taamei HaMitzvos 11

Taamei HaMitzvos

Rabbi Triebitz tries to answer the questions he asked last week from Moreh Nevuchimsection III; chapter 32

If Rambam holds that sacrifices are only a concession to wean the Jews away from paganism, why do they still apply at a later time in history when there is no more desire for idolatry?

Rabbi Triebitz quotes Ramban’s introduction to Vayikra who argues with Rambam as to the reason for sacrifices. Rabbi Triebitz presents a new understanding of Ramban.

He also quotes the Meshech Chochma, who explains Rambam’s position.

He then ends the shiur with a radical new understanding of Rambam and resolution of the question, which will be discussed further next week.

Until then… (same bat time, same bat channel)

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Video of shiur 11

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Taamei HaMitzvos 11
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Taamei HaMitzvos 11

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