Sources of Halacha 15 – Birkas HaTorah

This shiur is on the Gemara Berachos 11b which discusses the obligation to recite blessings before learning Torah. Rashi there explains why the blessing before the Shema exempts a person from saying the blessings, but Tosefos attacks him based on a Yerushalmi (Berachos 9b).

Other sources for the shiur include Rambam Hilchos Kerias Shema 1:2 and Hilchos Tefillah 7:10-11.

Rabbi Triebitz spends a lot of time learning Rabbeinu Yonah’s explanation (p. 5 in the page of the Rif).

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Video of shiur 15

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Sources of Halacha 15
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Source of Halacha 15

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