Sources of Halacha 09 – Chazon Ish

Rabbi Meir Triebitz discusses the Chazon Ish and his understanding of the argument between the Magen Avraham and the Vilna Gaon regarding times of Shema and davening. Having established last week that none of the Rishonim or Acharonim argue on the Magen Avraham, yet the Vilna Gaon rejects his opinion based on a Yerushalmi in Pesachim, the Chazon Ish gives guidance regarding p’sak.

The Gaon is in siman 459:5 and can be found on and the following several pages.

The Chazon Ish is in Orech Chaim 13, and the two letters at the end of that siman. He also discusses the length of a mil in Hilchos Pesach siman 123.

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Sources of Halacha 09
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Source of Halacha 09

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Source of Halacha 09a

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