Sources of Halacha 06 – Eating before Shema and Maariv

In this shiur Rabbi Meir Triebitz focusses on Tosefot Berachos 4b which discusses the prohibition of eating before saying Shema or davening Maariv.

Magen Avraham on Orech Chaim 235 says that this prohibition only applies to eating a meal, but having a snack is permitted.

Rabbi Akiva Eiger (commentary on Mishna Berachos 1:1) claims that Tosefot prohibit any kind of eating before davening Maariv.

Rabbi Triebitz quotes Rabbi Elezer Moshe HaLevi Horowitz (printed in the end of the Talmud) who asks one of Rabbi Akiva Eiger’s questions and gives a different answer, which permits eating a snack before Maariv.

Rabbi Triebitz concludes with p’sak halacha l’maaseh based on Mahari Weil cited in Magen Avraham Orech Chaim 232:8

[Next week Rabbi Triebitz will speak about the minhag in Chutz la’Aretz of saying Baruch Hashem Le-Olam between the blessings of Shema and the Amida. Also the custom of saying a half kaddish in Israel. If you want to prepare for the shiur look at Tosefot 4b ‘de-Amar Rabbi Yochanan’, Rosh and Rabbeinu Yonah].

Please contact me if you would like to attend the shiurim in person. They are held in Jerusalem on Mondays from 5:30-6:30. Please e-mail me to find out where the secret location is.

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Sources of Halacha 06
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Source of Halacha 06

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