Sources of Halacha 03 – Majority Rule vs. Halacha

Rabbi Triebitz reviews the Talmud in Nida 9b whether one may rely on a minority opinion in an emergency situation or not. He learns through the Chazon Ish (Yoreh Deah 150:3) and presents challenges and answers to that position.

What is meant by the Talmud when it says ‘halacha’ as opposed to ‘minority and majority – the halacha is like the majority’?

Rabbi Triebitz then shows a new understanding of Rabbeinu Tam’s opinion about the earliest time for saying the evening Shema

He then explains and discusses the opinion of Rabbeinu Tam (Berachos 2a“) that one may recite the Shema after plag hamincha. This is a radical position, and requires explanation.

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Video of shiur 3

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Sources of Halacha 03
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Source of Halacha 03

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