Reshimu 1

The Journal of the Hashkafa Circle

The first edition of Reshimu is available online. You can download the whole journal, or specific articles. You can also purchase it in book form from

Here are the downloads (in pdf form)

Reshimu 1

Reshimu 2

Reshimu 1 (whole journal)

Rabbi David Sedley

Rambam’s Theory of Negative Theology: Divine Creation and Human Interpretation
Rabbi Meir Triebitz

Chovot Halevavot – or more? The philosophy of R’ Bachya
Rabbi Moshe Becker

Silence is your praise: Maimonides’ Approach to Knowing God: An Introduction to Negative Theology
Rabbi Rafael Salber

The Perception of Reality: Contrasting Views of the Nature of Existence
Rabbi David Sedley

Maimonides’s Philosophy of the Evolutionary Structure of Jewish Law and of Natural Processes
Rabbi Meir Triebitz

D’oraita, D’rabanan and Divrei Soferim: Interpretations to Shoresh Sheini of Sefer Hamitzvot
Rabbi Moshe Becker

The Structure of Tradition
Rabbi Lippy Heller

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