Rav Kook 02 – Man’s view, G-d’s view

In this series of shiurim, Rabbi Triebitz learns through a book of Rav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook entitled Ketzavim mi-Ktzav Yad Kodsho: vol. 2 – Pinkas HaDapim 1
This is published notebooks of Rav Kook’s that he probably never intended to publish or prepared for publication. However, they contain some profound (and extremely interesting) ideas.

In this shiur Rabbi Triebitz brings the sources of Rav Kook’s views from the Ramchal. In Sefer Klalim Rishonim Ramchal presents the mashal and the nimshal, connecting the theory of the Arizal/Etz Chaim to the reality of the physical world. Rav Kook takes that idea, but instead of focusing on G-d’s viewpoint (as Ramchal does) Rav Kook looks at it from a human point of view. He brings kaballah into the realm of philosophy and the evolution of ideas.

We hope you enjoy these shiurim.
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Rav Kook Notebooks 02
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Rav Kook Notebooks 02

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Rav Kook Notebooks 02

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