Rambam on Creation 1-4

Here are the first four shiurim from last year’s course given by Rabbi Triebitz. He learned through the sections of Moreh Nevuchim which speak about creation. These shiurim cover such concepts as creation ex-nihilo and the meaning of the beginning of Bereishis.

This series was 20 shiurim in total. The rest will be posted online soon.

Shiur 1
Section I Chapter 13

[flv:/ramvid/Rambam_1.flv 240 180]

Creation 01

Shiur 2 is in two parts.

[flv:/ramvid/Rambam_2a.flv 240 180]

Creation 02

[flv:/ramvid/Rambam_2b.swf 240 180]

Creation 02

Shiur 3

[flv:/ramvid/Rambam_3.flv 240 180]

Creation 03

Shiur 4

[flv:/ramvid/Rambam_4.flv 240 180]

Creation 04

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