Negative Theology 8

Rambam vs Kant and the Cosmological Proof

Rabbi Triebitz focusses on Section I Chapter 57 of Moreh Nevuchim.

He also quotes from Section II Chapter 13

and Section II Chapter 2 in the course of the shiur.

He discusses Rambam’s cosmological proof, and compares it to Kant’s refutation of the Ontological proof and thus his refutation of the Cosmological Proof (which he claims is based upon it). Rabbi Triebitz comes up with a new reading of Rambam which is compelling and which answers Kant’s objections.

[flv:/negtheo/negtheo_08.flv 240 180]

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Negative Theology 8;
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Negative Theology 8

Rabbi Triebitz quotes from these books:


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