Negative Theology 19

Does Rambam really hold of the Theory of Attributes?

After 18 shiurim of Rambam’s negative theology, Rabbi Triebitz asks the question as to whether Rambam is really fooling us. He claims to reject the Muslim and Christian theory of attributes of G-d, and claims that anyone who attributes any positive qualities to G-d is not so different from one who believes in the trinity. Yet in chapters 68 and 69 Rambam clearly attributes three positive qualities to G-d.

Rabbi Triebitz reads extensively from ; Harry A. Wolfson, “The Muslim Attributes and the Christian Trinity,” Harvard Theological Review 49 (1956) which I haven’t managed to find online, or scan onto the website. If anyone has access to it and is able to share it with others please contact me or post a comment with a link.
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Negative Theology 19
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Negative Theology 19

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