Negative Theology 15

Moshe ben Maimon and Moshe Rabbeinu

Rabbi Triebitz goes on a tangent to discuss the hidden purpose of the entire Moreh Nevuchim, and shows how Rambam saw himself in the role of explaining the theology of Moshe Rabbeinu. He refers to

Introduction to Chelek – the Thirteen Principles

as well as to many places in Moreh Nevuchim:

Section II Chapter 35,
Section II Chapter 39,
Section I Chapter 54,
Section II Chapter 45,
Section I Chapter 62,
Section I Chapter 63,
Section III Chapter 27,
Section III Chapter 25,
Section III Chapter 54,
Section I Chapter 3,
Section I Chapter 4,

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Negative Theology 15;
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Negative Theology 15

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