Leshem Shiur 06

Three Worlds, Idea, Picture, Thing

Rabbi Triebitz continues with shaar 3 of the Leshem, Shearim ve-Hakdamos. The Leshem discusses the three worlds of pirud – Beriah, Yetzirah and Assiah, and connects them to Idea, Picture and Thing. The worlds parallel each otehr in an automorphic way so that the lower worlds have the stamp of the higher worlds.

Reality is wired (and must be) so that mankind can connect everything together. Each part of reality has its existence in every world.

Then the Leshem begins talking about Partzufim as the model in each world. Man is an Olam Katan, which mirrors the whole universe within each world.

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[flv:/leshem/leshem_06.flv 240 180]
Video of shiur 06

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Leshem Hakdamos u-Shearim 06
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Leshem Hakdamos u-Shearim 06

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