History and Development of the Talmud 20

Summary, History and Siyum

This shiur is basically a summary of the past 19 shiurim. Rabbi Triebitz reviews what we have covered in these shiurim, and clarifies a few points. The final date for the writing of the Talmud (and the change from an oral to a written culture) is approximately 960, just before Rabbeinu Chananel, and the Rif.

Rabbi Triebitz ends this series of shiurim discussing what mitzvah we have been doing for the past few months in learning about the history and development of the Talmud. Is it considered Talmud Torah? If not, what have we been doing and why?

This is the final shiur in this series. Hopefully we will begin a new series of shiurim after Pesach. This past series has been very successful. There has been lots of very positive feedback, and many new listeners and participants. The web site has received over 6500 hits in the past few months, which is a lot of people listening to shiurim. Baruch Hashem we have been able to spread Torah via the internet, and hopefully have encouraged people to think and to learn about Torah, history and the Talmud.

You can continue to send any questions, feedback (or donations) for Rabbi Triebitz via me. My e-mail address (one of many) is admin at hashkafacircle.com. Hopefully Rabbi Triebitz will be able to answer questions, but even if he doesn’t answer he certainly reads everything and is very keen to hear your thoughts and views.

See you all after Pesach.

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History and Development of the Talmud 20
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History and Development of the Talmud 20
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