13 Ikkarim 10 – Moshe as Chacham

Rabbi Triebitz addresses the contradiction between the 7th and 8th Ikarim. In the 7th, Rambam writes that Moshe reached the pinnacle of human achievement and prophecy, whereas in the 8th Rambam writes that Moshe was simply a ‘scribe’ writing down G-d’s words. It would seem that these two are irreconcilable. Rabbi Triebitz explains with a new and innovative approach to Moshe Rabbeinu and his role as the first Chacham as well as the first Navi.

Sources for this shiur:

Rambam’s first two shorashim in his introduction to Sefer HaMitzvot

Shoresh Rishon

Shoresh Sheni

There are also a couple of Reshimu articles on Shoresh Sheni that are relevant to this shiur

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Video of shiur 10

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Thirteen Ikarim 10
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Thirteen Ikarim 10

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