Thirteen Midos 03 Defence against Sadducees

This shiur begins with an analysis of Bava Kama 83b-84a. Rabbi Triebitz then shows how the Nimukei Yosef supports what Rabbi Triebitz said last week – that every g’zeira shava is based upon a hekesh.

There are parallels to the Talmud in Sotah 33a

Rabbi Triebitz then goes on to discover the reason and purpose for the development of the 13 midos (at least g’zeira shava) and suggests that it is a response to the Sadducees and their attacks on Pharasaic Judaism.

This series has so far been probably the best one yet – at least in my opinion. Today’s shiur is equally excellent.

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You can now download a transcription of this shiur as a pdf:

Thirteen Midos Shiur 03 Transcription

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Video of shiur 03

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Thirteen Midos 03
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Thirteen Midos 03

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