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In this shiur Rabbi Triebitz continues explaining the verses regarding Yom Kippur, and how they are interpreted by the Oral Tradition of the Written Law.

The Talmud in Yoma 70b-71a discusses verse 23 (Vayikra chapter 16) which seems to be in the wrong place.

Rav David Tzvi Hofman explains that this second time Aharon was permitted to enter the Holy of Holies without the cloud of incense. Go to if you would like to learn more on this topic.

The section of sacrifices in Pinchas (Bamidbar 29:7) discusses the communal sacrifices. However, the Gemara (Yoma 71a) tries to connect those communal sacrifices to the service of the Cohen Gadol (through a dispute between Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Eliezer).

On a tangent, Rabbi Triebitz discusses the argument between the Saducees and the Rabbis regarding the correct order of incense/entering the Holy of Holies and connects it to their fundamental dispute regarding the validity of the Oral Law.

This is the last shiur in this series.

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