13 Ikkarim 11 – Tanya vs. Nefesh HaChaim

Rabbi Triebitz points out a fundamental argument between the Arizal as presented by the Tanya, and Nefesh HaChaim regarding the supremacy of Moshe Rabbeinu’s chochma. The Ari/Tanya claim that Moshe’s attainment of chochma was not as great as that of the Arizal. This appears to contradict Rambam’s 7th principle, that Moshe attained the highest level of chochma of anyone before or after him. Rav Tzadok and the Tanya both try to explain this apparent contradiction.
Nefesh HaChaim explains that Adam HaRishon before the sin attained the highest level of wisdom, but that Moshe was the only person after the sin to ever attain a comparable (though not quite as high) level. This is clearly an attack on the Tanya (and possibly the Arizal).
Rabbi Triebitz also brings the Leshem who explains the nature of the sin of Adam, and how it connects to chochma.

The sources for this shiur:
Tanya Iggeret HaKodesh chapter 19

Rav Tzadok HaCohen: Machashavos Charutz

Nefesh HaChaim 1:15 (which you can find at http://he.wikisource.org/wiki/ and then write (in Hebrew letters) nefesh_hachaim_shaar_aleph_perek_tetvav) but I can’t make that into a link because of the Hebrew letters

Leshem: Sefer HaDe’ah p. 290

(I also raise a question from Rav Chaim Volozhoner’s introduction to Safra de-Tzne’usa)

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Thirteen Ikarim 11

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