Sources of Halacha 07 – Baruch Hashem Le-Olam

Rabbi Triebitz gave shiur about the minhag in Chutz la’Aretz of saying Baruch Hashem Le-Olam, Yiru Eineinu and half kaddish (the last one is also said in Israel) between the blessings of Shema and the Amida. He discusses a historical overview of the evolution of this minhag, based on Tosefot 4b ‘de-Amar Rabbi Yochanan’, Rosh and Talmidei Rabbeinu Yonah (in the back of the Gemara).

It seems that this minhag arose in the time of the Gaonim, and seemingly contradicts the Talmud. Rabbi Triebitz discusses the authority of the Talmud, and how minhag interacts with Chazal.

Please contact me if you would like to attend the shiurim in person. They are held in Jerusalem on Mondays from 5:30-6:30. Please e-mail me to find out where the secret location is.

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Video of shiur 7

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Sources of Halacha 07
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Source of Halacha 07

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