Leshem Shiur 05

Interconnectedness and Man

In this shiur Rabbi Triebitz reviews and concludes shaar beis in Leshem Shearim u-Hakdamos. He discusses the horizontal connection within worlds in addition to the vertical connection between worlds. Also, from a human perspective, G-d is always changing, as the Eternal Present, and maintaining creation, ensuring that it does not remain static.

The role of mankind in the creation and purpose of the world is also explained, in addition to the contrast and comparison with Rambam’s view that we cannot claim that the world was created for any purpose – even man. Leshem affirms that the words of Moreh Nevuchim are holy of holies, but apply before the tzimtzum.

Rabbi Triebitz emphasizes the importance of sechel and reason in understanding the world.

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Video of shiur 05

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Leshem Hakdamos u-Shearim 05
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Leshem Hakdamos u-Shearim 05

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