Leshem Shiur 01

Leshem Introduction

This is Rabbi Triebitz’s introduction to the Leshem, and the Leshem’s introduction to the Hakdamos u-Shearim. (if you life in Israel you can purchase the book for around 70 shekel – http://news2.armoni.info/????_????_?????-???_???_??????_???_?-P109.aspx. In America it seems to be much more – http://nehora.com/index.cfm/product/5873)

Rabbi Triebitz explains that this series of shiurim is not a series of shiruim on kabbalah. But it is a general introduction to the concepts and ideas of kabbalah so that a person who wishes to learn kabbalah in the future will have the tools to do so.

He also explains the importance of this kind of learning. The Leshem explains that it is an important component of Torah learning, which is unfortunately ignored by many. Furthermore there are so many ideas of kabbalah and hashkafa and mysticism being touted nowadays that it is important to know what is acceptable Jewish belief and what is paganism or heresy. For the Leshem there is a very fine line between the two.

In addition to going through part of the introduction, Rabbi Triebitz makes a beginning of shaar 1. Since this is not yet available online, and you may not have had a chance (or the inclination) to purchase a copy I’m including the text here. Unfortunately I can’t get the columns to line up, so it may be a bit difficult to find the place when he skips to the second column.

You can watch and download the shiurim below. As always please send any comments, thoughts, ideas or criticisms to admin at hashkafacircle.com

[flv:/leshem/leshem_01.flv 240 180]
Video of shiur 01

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Leshem Hakdamos u-Shearim 01
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Leshem Hakdamos u-Shearim 01

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