History and Philosophy of Kaballah 04

Partners in Creation

One of the major differences between the kaballah of Rav Moshe Cordovero and the Ari is the concept of tzimtzum. Remak speaks about ‘hishtalshalus’ – spreading out, but has no concept of contraction.

As in last week’s shiur, the basis of everything is with the following quote from the page 42b in the Zohar Shemos

Rabbi Triebitz quotes a lot from Pardes Rimonim (from Rav Cordovero) available here:
Pardes Rimonim (Grimoar – text) or here
Pardes Rimonim (Hebrew Books – pdf)
Shaar 4 perek 8
Shaar 6 perek 8
and Shaar 8 perek 3

The Arizal’s concept of creation involves both ‘histalkus’ (tzimtzum) and ‘hispashtus’.

Rav Chaim Vital, quoting the Arizal, in Mevo She’arim, speaks of many different repititions of tzimtzum

The Leshem in the title page of Sefer HaKlalim explains that these two concepts are the basis of the entire structure of the Arizal.

Rav Triebitz explains what this difference means in ‘practical’ terms, likening it to the difference between classical mechanics and quantum mechanics.

The Remak speaks only in terms of man’s viewpoint, whereas the Ari makes man a partner in creation with G-d.

Rav Triebitz also speaks about how the Ari combined the two concepts of ‘being‘ and ‘becoming‘ which was an argument between Parmenides and Heraclitus.

Enjoy this wonderful shiur

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History and Philosophy of Kaballah 04

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