Ethical Man 03 – Transcendence

Rabbi Triebitz continues with the Emergence Of Ethical Man.

According to Rabbi Soloveichik there is no contradiction between the evolutionary description of creation and the Biblical account.

He then goes on to say that we need a new philosophy of Judaism that is based on halacha, and not on Rishonim. He claims that the Rishonim were influenced by their surroundings, and by Christianity, rather than being an authentic tradition of Judaism.

This is what he wrote at the end of Halakhic Mind, that we need to find a new philosophy of Judaism based on the Torah, not on the philosophy of the Rishonim.

What is the concept of metaphysics according to the Rav? How does he explain spirituality?
Rabbi Triebitz shows that the Rav’s concept of transcendence and immanence is based clearly on the Baal HaTanya’s concept of tzimtzum.

And underlying everything that the Rav says are the concepts of Bergson, as expressed in his book Matter and Memory

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