13 Ikarim 02 – Refutation of Kant

In this shiur Rabbi Triebitz tackles Imanuel Kant’s refutation of both the ontological and the cosmological proofs of G-d. Kant claims that there can be no proofs in the realm of metaphysics because ideas do not necessarily have any relationship to reality. Kant demonstrates that all such attempted proofs of G-d are syllogisms.

According to Rabbi Triebitz there is a way of understanding Rambam that avoids Kant’s refutation.

Here are some of the sources for the shiur:

Yesodei HaTorah chapter 2 (1-2)

Hilchos Teshuva chapter 10 (8-end)

Moreh Nevuchim 1:1

and Rabbi Triebitz’s article in Reshimu – especially the relationship
between man’s thought and G-d’s thought.

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Thirteen Ikarim 02
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Thirteen Ikarim 02

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